Daifressh products are marketed on a global scale thanks to a wide productive commercial structure of business and management located in Spain, with logistical distribution centres strategically placed in Poland and Hungary.

From there we are able to complete our comprehensive service, offering (to our network of international clients) a local and professional service, as well as an efficient and rapid response capacity earlier than needed.

In our logistical centres we have the most modern technology and telecommunication infrastructure, which enables us to provide a rapid and effective communication between the centers as well as our clients.

We are strongly committed to the quality of each and every one of the products and services we offer. From production, quality control, technology employed, speed of service right up to packaging. Our difference being: the advanced technical cycle of fresh fruit DaiCycle.



Daifressh is a Spanish company founded in Valencia in 1994. It was created with the objective of reaching emerging markets at that time with our Spanish products.

After more than twenty years, today it is a group of companies consolidated in the production, quality control, food safety, logistics and distribution of fruits and vegetables mainly to the area of Central Europe. More than 90% of its distribution is to supermarkets and chains with a presence in more than ten countries; principally Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia. Daifressh is one of the leading exporters in Spain.



Some time ago we decided to go a step further, creating logistics distribution centers that provide a more personalized and direct service to our customers in Central Europe.

The facilities of DAIFRESSH POLAND have a privileged location in the city of Dzierzoniow, 60 km from Wroclaw, near the borders of Germany and the Czech Republic. Ideal to be able to manage deliveries of the traditional Polish market and distribution centres of large chains in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia.

DAIFRESSH POLAND facilities are equipped with the latest technological machinery.The recent modernization guarantees excellent functioning and ensures ideal working conditions.

DAIFRESSH POLAND is formed by a professional and close team, able to ensure the highest quality of products and customer satisfaction.



DAIFRESSH Hungary was born from the desire to offer a more personalized and direct service to our customers.

DAIFRESSH Hungary is a modern logistics platform located in Gyal, about 20 kilometres from the capital of Budapest.

DAIFRESSH Hungary is equipped with the latest technological machinery and is formed by a professional and experienced team, able to ensure the highest product quality and customer satisfaction.


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