The Daifressh group is formed by farmers with a wide professional trajectory and recognized throughout the industry, with a broad productive capacity in citrus fruits, stone fruits, vegetables, strawberries, red fruits, melons and watermelons.

To complete our offer, we collaborate with producers in other origins out-of-season which enables us to provide a continuity of service in many other products for twelve months of the year.

The headquarters of the Daifressh group is located in Puzol (Valencia). A modern space with commercial and management offices; meeting rooms and multifunctional offices from where all processes are directed and coordinated.


We work with passion, encourage innovation, and put all our skills into facing the challenges that place us in the lead.

At Daifressh, we create an environment in which all our employees have a real influence on the quality, service and efficiency of the company within their area of responsibility. This confidence in our team is possible thanks to the great professionals that are part of Daifressh and who are dedicated to production, quality, operations, IT, logistics and administration.

Our production department is formed by professionals with more than twenty years’ experience in the horticultural sector and with exceptional product knowledge. They direct and supportour growers in the process of selection of varieties, cultivation and preparation.

In addition, Daifressh has more than 15 quality technicians in Spain, Poland and Hungary who control and monitor the quality of our products throughout the entire supply chain: from field to consumer.

Not forgetting our transportation and Logistics Department, having as their objectives quality, service and customer satisfaction.

Our clients, producers and transporters are long term because they are based on our transparency, trust and sincerity.

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